April 21, 2019

Solar Control Film

Solar Control Film Let the sunshine in. These films tame heat, help reduce fading, and save energy. You don’t have to hide behind heavy curtains or room-darkening shades for relief from the sun. Keep your home bright and open to outdoor views with our solar films. They reflect away harsh UV rays, heat and glare, noticeably improving comfort and helping protect furnishings. Varying levels of insulation help keep energy use under control in any climate, too. Our solar window films also do nice things for your home’s exterior. You can maintain your current look or update it, with options from clear to tinted and even mirrored. What Solar Window Film Can Do for You It’s remarkable how much a micro-thin layer of film can improve daily life. Reflect Heat Reduce Fading Save Energy Reduce Glare Block UV Rays Increase Comfort Reclaim areas of your home that you used to avoid during the heat of the day, thanks to heat-blocking technology. Reflective Window Film These films provide a high level of control for solar heat, glare and UV rays. They also give window glass a silvery, mirrored look when viewed with indoor lighting or outdoor daylight. Dual-Reflective Window Film By pairing a mirrored exterior side with a more subtle interior side, dual-reflective films provide outstanding solar control and maintain clear outside views after dark. Deluxe Window Film These films offer high levels of heat rejection and glare reduction, enhancing indoor comfort in multiple ways. Every available shade has a sophisticated, non-reflective appearance. Neutral Window Film Choose this understated, neutral film for solar benefits and minimal change in the appearance of exterior windows - or the quality of indoor natural light. Interactive Solar Window Film ViewerRead more
April 21, 2019

Decorative Films

Decorative Window Films Transform glass into one of your home’s most defining features. With just a little decorative film knowledge, you’ll look at glass surfaces and windows in a completely different light. Possibilities that were invisible before will be revealed; ways to improve design, privacy, brightness and more. Our decorative films are thoughtfully curated to fuel imagination and complement any style vision, from traditional to cutting edge. They’re also seriously practical, offering varying degrees of transparency and privacy to help you solve your design and comfort problems – beautifully. Prepare to dream and experiment. Express yourself, create a mood, or update the look of a room with our palette of options from subtle to dramatic. Elevate Interior Design Create More Privacy Hide Unsightly Views Mimic Specialty Glass Diffuse Harsh Light Make Updates Easy Explore Decorative Window Film Choices for Your Home Matte Frost Decorative Window Films This classic film series is versatile enough to complement a wide variety of decorative styles. Choose your ideal look and level of privacy from a range of tasteful options. Color Frost Decorative Window Films The combination of rich color and a frost finish creates a striking personality. Explore our selection of warm and cool tones to find an eye-catching film to enhance your home. Textured Frost Decorative Window Films The films in this series have a delicate, touchable texture that convincingly simulates specialty glass. Pick your favorite to elevate privacy and style without an elevated cost. Nature Decorative Window Films This series offers styles inspired by water, foliage and sand. Choose any style to cultivate privacy and bring the beauty of natural elements to your indoor environment. Pattern Decorative Window Films The striking patterns in this series are all created with lines and squares. Discover how they can shift and change for a variety of coverage levels, styles and moods. Textile Decorative Window Films This palette of glowing, translucent colors and light-blocking neutral films offers you infinite possibilities. Choose one or more to customize any smooth glass in your home. Specialty Decorative Window Films Create a singular look or a striking combination with our [...]Read more
February 28, 2019

Security Window Films

Safety & Security Window Films Strong, clear protection for property values and peace of mind. Our safety and security films may be barely noticeable, but they help reduce the effects of all kinds of rough treatment such as break-ins, vandalism, accidents, and even nature’s dangerous whims. They’re designed to strengthen and help protect vulnerable windows, doors and more, preserving an attractive exterior appearance. We’ve engineered this range of films for strength, with a heavy-duty polyester that’s bonded to surfaces using strong adhesives. Once installed, safety and security film steadfastly shields against unwelcome surprises. Trust it to maintain the physical integrity of your property and your confidence in security, too. What Safety and Security Window Film Can Do for Your Building Help Deter Theft Improve Shatter Resistance Protect Against Accidents Reduce Blast Hazards Reflect Heat Block UV Rays Solar Safety & Security Window Film These multi-tasking films combine robust solar control with safety and security features, so you don’t have to make any sacrifices when it comes to upgrading glass performance. Clear Safety & Security Window Film These physically strong films are manufactured to strict performance standards. They provide a virtually invisible shield to help protect against burglary, vandalism, accidental damage and more.Read more